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Gentle Yoga

Everybody’s everyday yoga - anyone can practice yoga; the gentle stretches and breathwork leave you feeling refreshed, restored and energized.  You don’t have to be young, fit or supple.  In any setting, individuals are guided to stretch and move within his/her own level of comfort. This non-competitive, restorative & meditative practice can help to improve blood circulation, breathing, joint flexibility, posture, muscle tone and strength.  A sense of alert relaxation generally follows. This is truly a “time-out” offering a break from the cares of the day, time to just be ourselves and feel energized, calm and focused.

•Corporate sessions
Include yoga stretch breaks during business meetings, conferences, retreats. It will help to improve focus, clarity and stamina of participants.
Sessions are generally booked as 10-20 minutes, 1 – 3 times throughout the day. For more info and to book a session, call 647-505-0892 or email.

 •Community seminars and classes
Instruction, demonstration and participation offered to beginners, yoga for seniors, and children.  Classes can range from ½  to 2 hours. For more info and to book a class(s), call 647-505-0892 or email. See schedule.         

Here's a sampling of clients:   

ORCA chairperson, Jill Davies comments, "These yoga mini breaks help you feel rejuvenated so you feel refreshed in the middle of a long day of meetings".

  • Ontario Urban Forestry Association
  • Ontario Retirement Communities Association
  • Village Healing Centre
  • Leeds & Grenville Health Unit
  • Heart Smart Smorgasbord
  • Canadian Coast Guard College
  • Algonquin College



  Oasis Institute for Healthy Living Inc. - Ontario, Canada