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Nutrition & Healthy Eating, Healthy Cooking, Organic Gardening (for horticultural courses see schedule)

Food Demonstrations
Seminars/Conferences/Lunch and Learn/Classes

Food Education and Training in Ontario  

Topics can be customized on any theme:

  • Nutrition essentials – how to eat for wellness
  • Basics of cooking - the economics of cooking from scratch
  • Healthy cooking techniques including: using low glycemic index foods, grilling, spa cuisine, vegetarian cooking, international cuisine, herbs and spices, fish/seafood, heart disease, diabetes, cooking with kids, nutrition for older adults, nutrition and menu/meal planning

To book: To organize for your group and schedule a class or demonstration, call 647-505-0892 or email. To join scheduled classes, see schedule.

Here's a sampling of clients:
"It doesn't take all day, as I thought, to prepare a great meal. I learned to not be afraid of trying different things in the kitchen. This class took the fear out of buying, cooking and eating more fish."
~Marie Van S., Smiths Falls

"Thank you Astrid for your very enjoyable, informative and tasty presentation as our guest chef at the 2007 Heart Smart Smorgasbord.  We appreciate the tremendous effort and enthusiasm that you always show in your support of this highly valued community event.  The residents of Ottawa-Carleton, the organizing committee, and volunteers all thank you for making healthy cooking easy and fun!"
~Eva Stewart-Bindernagel, RN., BScN
Coordinator, Public Health Nurse 

"Thank you Astrid, for facilitating another great season of lunch-and-learn nutrition courses at Stats Canada.  We are fortunate to have you share your knowledge, passion and joie de vivre."
~Lydia Butler, Manager Stats Canada Fitness Centre

"On behalf of the volunteers and staff of the Canadian Cancer Society, we like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Oasis Institute for Healthy Living for providing cooking demonstrations for our Relay for Life Event.  A new record was set raising $3,346,000 across 25 events for cancer research and community support programs.  We look forward to more of these popular demonstrations in up-coming events."
~Marlene Gomes, Unit Manager Canadian Cancer Society
  • New RO TV
  • Cogeco Cable TV
  • Health Canada
  • Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association
  • ORCA (Ontario Retirement Communities Association)
  • Faye Clack Communications Inc.
  • Women's Culinary Network
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Ottawa Wine and Food Show
  • Toronto CRFA Show
  • Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
  • Stats Canada
  • Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital
  • Dietitians of Canada
  • ME Association
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Ottawa Carleton Public Health Unit
  • Leeds Grenville, Lanark Health Dept.
  • North Grenville District School Board
  • Leeds & Grenville County Board of Education
  • South Dundas Hospice


Education and Training- Healthy Food Preparation and Nutrition

Education and Training- Healthy Food Preparation and NutritionExpertise on every aspect of program development for both face-to-face and/or online learning formats. Writing proposals, preparing for accreditation, curriculum development and program evaluation in these subject areas: 

  • Cooking with Kids
  • Healthy Cooking Techniques
  • Nutrition and Healthy Food Preparation for Chefs
  • Nutrition, Food and Hospitality Management
  • Recipe Modification
  • Nutrition for Older Adults
    Menu/Meal Planning

For more info: call 647-505-0892 or email.              
To join scheduled classes, see schedule.

Here's a sampling of Clients:

 "I had the privilege of attending the Healthy Lifestyle Cooking and Nutrition course presented by Oasis Institute for Healthy Living at the Canadian Coast Guard College in Cape Breton.  During this week long course I greatly improved my “sticky bun” recipe. Well, since then I have never looked back – I cannot believe the difference that one week made in my culinary style! And last hitch, I felt I was really able to shine as chief cook.  I used less than one case of fries over 38 days for 100 persons, and nobody minded!  Everyone raved about the variety and flavour of the menu items.  They ate like gluttons and yet were surprised to have no weight gain, heartburn, digestive problems of any kind. And these were scientists from different cultures (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American, and German).  I just wanted to share that this course made a real impact, and continues to this day. "

~S. Randy Turner, Chief Cook, Louis S. St. Laurent, Canadian Coast Guard

  • Centennial College
  • Algonquin College
  • Ottawa-Carleton Health Unit
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Toronto School Board
  • Canadian Health and Prevention Tour
  • Ontario Retirement Communities Association
  • Canadian Coast Guard College
  • At Your Service Hospitality Training
  • Trillium Cooking School
  • Fisher and Paykel Appliances Canada


Grocery Store Tours

Grocery Store Tours
Small groups or individuals are taken by a nutritionist through the aisles of a chosen grocery store. This is a great opportunity to ask personal questions relating to any foods and labelling, for example, ORGANIC - what does it really mean?

Participant, Anna B. of Toronto reveals, “I always thought I knew a fair bit about nutrition but this grocery store tour really surprised me, and I will change my eating habits”.

To book a tour, call 647-505-0892 or email.


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